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Diane 9-Row Professional Styling Brush #D9749


Diane 9-Row Professional Styling Brush #D9749

The Diane Pro Nylon Styling Brush is a high quality professional brush that you can take with you anywhere. It has a soft touch handle with reinforced nylon bristles that is great for on-the-go styling. The brush helps separate and define curls. It also works great in separating and evenly distributing hair products for a professional and cleaner look. Detangle your hair in seconds with the help of this styling brush. Use the Diane Pro Nylon Styling Brush in styling your hair, shaping it during blow-drying, reducing frizz, detangling, straightening, and more. Use this as a finishing brush to perfect your hairstyle and bring out its natural shine. It's also great for touching up and brushing out curls for a more polished and clean look.

  • Style your hair conveniently with this anti-static brush
  • Nylon bristles feel smooth on your hair and scalp
  • Rubber padding helps provide a comfortable grip

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