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Rusk Delta Shears 5 Inch Swivel VG-10


Rusk Delta Shears 5 Inch Swivel VG-10

The rotating thumb allows stylist to achieve maximum control with reduced physical effort and significantly less thumb travel. This element also ensures an elbow-down, wrist-straight position while cutting. The stylist's body position is not dictated by the shear; the shear position is dictated by the stylist. The cryogenically tempered steel blades are razor sharp, extremely durable and exceptionally efficient.

  • 5.5" perfectly balanced straight blade
  • VG-10 steel maintains a sharp edge for precise cutting
  • Ergonomic contoured handle design for maximum control
  • 360 degree rotating thumb alleviates hand and wrist stress

Ergonomic crane handle design creates an open, natural grip for the stylist. This grip helps to reduce hand and thumb stress, swelling, tingling and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The hairdresser experiences relief from strained body positioning and poor posture. Six tension adjustments provide more versatility. Removable tension knob can easily be repositioned for left-hand compatibility, making it the perfect shear for right- or left-handed stylists.

This is the perfect cutting blade in terms of performance, construction, design and balance and is designed for use on clients who want to remove length. Achieves a sharper cutting angle than a traditional beveled blade, allowing for consistently smooth and clean cuts.


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